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   Chris Grace

Parrot partners with Spoiled Milk to boost automotive entertainment with top-tier Android games.

After a certain point of long car trips or waiting in a queue, in-car entertainment systems swing into action to keep you and your family amused. Our partner Parrot’s ASTEROID product range is a line of such highly modular connected in-car navigation and entertainment solutions. They are easy to control via voice, make your driving […]

Radikale Venstre

   Anders Fredsø

Launch: Radikale Venstre

Radikale Venstre – one of the two political parties in the Danish Government, hired Spoiled Milk to deliver their new digital platform and integrate a new forum for their active members. Having collaborated with the the party for more than 3 years on campaign related projects, Spoiled Milk was given the opportunity to go all […]


   Martin Schlatter

Launch: Red Bull MOBILE

Red Bull MOBILE (RBM) – The telecom team of the world’s leading energy drink brand hired Spoiled Milk to provide a complete makeover of their mobile portal in all active markets. Spoiled had been chosen by Red Bull MOBILE for their expertise in uniting responsive web technology with cutting edge design. We were happy to […]

Danish App Awards

   William Tylander

The Hits Just Keep on Coming

Last year we launched mobile apps for online auction house with our friends and collaborators at Hello Group. Three months after launch the app passed 125,000 downloads. It then remained at the top of the charts in Denmark for both the App Store and Google Play throughout 2013. Back in the summer of 2013 the […]


   Dusko Ojdanic

Widget Jacking

The Internet has touched all aspects of our lives. Often we take it for granted, noticing only when our connection to the web fails. Rarely do we consider how the web works or the inherent risks which browsing also carries. Background: Social widgets Social networks (SocNets for short) provide different kinds of widgets available for […]