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   Linnea Rechter

An aspiring nerd – meet Linnéa

When I started at the MMD course in 2009, I was certain that I wanted to become a graphic designer. However, when I was introduced to programming, my study took a sudden change of direction. Seeing how powerful and fun programming can be, I decided this is what I want to learn!

I seized the opportunity to advance my programming skills, when presented with the obligatory internship on 4th semester.

In choosing a workplace suitable for my technical growth, Danish/Swiss (and now Serbian) interactive design agency Spoiled Milk was an obvious choice. With their strong technical resources alongside their analytical approach to design and creative development, I found their CPH office the place to be.

So I sent along a milk cartoon with my application, and what do you know, the tooth fairy must really like me!

As I joined forces with the spoiled milkers, I was given an opportunity to learn about web development using Ruby on Rails. A framework, based on OO programming language Ruby, using the MVC model to put convention over configuration and thereby leave the programmer free to focus on the application itself.

And so goes the story of an aspiring geek. What a wonderful place to begin!
Linnéa is currently studying multimedia design at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology and her programming knowledge, however minor, counts xhtml, css, as3 and php, the latter of which she feels strongly enthusiastic about. After graduating in January, she wants to pursue her programming dreams and study computer science.

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