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   Frederik Cordes

Blueprint updates: Blog, mobile, drag’n’drop, calendar, etc.

In the past month, we’ve had our ears open to receive all the splendid feedback from our hundreds of beta users and have been working hard on making Blueprint ready for the paid premium launch.

Blueprint now has its own blog

First off, we have launched a dedicated Blueprint blog on the Blueprint website, so we can decrease the amount of minor reports on this blog. Here, we’ll be sharing our insights on the creative process, UI design, marketing and more behind the development of the resource planner. Check it out and be sure to subscribe.
New exciting features

To avoid the inevitable feature creep that plagues many well-intended web projects, we’ve stuck to our guns about making Blueprint simple. Those of you who have seen this from the beginning may now notice:

  • Mobile: Find out what you’re working on today from Blueprint’s mobile interface
    (read about this update in much greater detail).
  • Cleaner drag ‘n’ drop: Fade-out and animations have been added to make booking changes stand out.
  • Date range: Calendar view can be modified to show a new range by selecting two dates.

Your feedback is precious

We have received an impressive amount of feedback from beta users and can happily report that a number of bugs have been fixed and quite some adjustments have been completed here and there. Requests for the booking dialogue and other changes to bookings have been answered.

So to all of you faithful Blueprint users out there: Thanks. Your keen eyes are helping us build a better resource planning tool. Keep the input coming and we promise to make this an application you couldn’t plan without.

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