June 29, 2012    William Tylander

Blueprint Made Real

Making analog impacts from digital products is something we and our clients strive for. Expressing this visually beyond, screencasts, keynotes, websites or apps has made it tough for us to tell our friends and family what it is we do, so we made a little video.


February 2, 2011    Frederik Cordes

Blueprint rocking it: 700+ accounts

Check out the full stats and read what our happy clients are saying on the Blueprint blog.

You can also head directly to the sign-up page. Getting an account is free!


November 24, 2010    Frederik Cordes

Blueprint updates: Blog, mobile, drag’n’drop, calendar, etc.

In the past month, we’ve had our ears open to receive all the splendid feedback from our hundreds of beta users and have been working hard on making Blueprint ready for the paid premium launch.


October 13, 2010    Jamie Appleseed

Blueprint update: The booking dialogue

Bookings are all about answering the question: who is doing what, and when are they doing it? And Blueprint is all about bookings. So improving the design and functionality of the booking dialogue was obviously at the top of our list.


October 4, 2010    Frederik Cordes

Start your planning! Blueprint is ready for the public

Blueprint, the simple web-based resource planning tool is finally here. Today’s beta launch release marks Spoiled Milk’s initial foray into the world of web applications. Clients, friends and cohorts are freely invited to try out what we’ve been using for the past four months to plan our busy schedules.