October 30, 2012    Casper Hübertz Jørgensen

Launch: Rejseplanen Windows 8

Being the largest travel planner service in Denmark demands that you stay available to users on multiple platforms and follow their developing needs. That’s why Rejseplanen went ahead with the decision to develop an application for the new Windows 8 experience.


October 29, 2012    Mark Jensen

Why We’re Excited About Windows 8

Microsoft’s newest version of their ubiquitous operating system, Windows, is finally being released. At Spoiled Milk, we have followed the development phase with great interest, we’ve collaborated with Microsoft to introduce it locally and it’s safe to say we’re excited about the next chapter in what is undoubtedly the PC era’s biggest success.


October 17, 2012    Casper Hübertz Jørgensen

We’ve Hit Refresh: New Logo, New Website

We proudly introduce you to our rejuvenated identity and website. Spoiled Milk has been through almost constant changes through its history; changes to the digital landscape and changes to our profile growing extensively by each year we’re alive. We felt it was time to boast these changes and present a new self.


July 27, 2011    Casper Hübertz Jørgensen

Method & Craft

Method & Craft serves process and even design lessons from some of the best designers in their respective fields.


July 1, 2011    Casper Hübertz Jørgensen


We design a lot for the iPhone and tend to design every screen to ensure that the full flow of the application has been taking into consideration. I’ve been looking for a tool that could somehow make my static design screens alive and useful for our developers as well, when explaining functionalities or solutions to certain challenges in the app.