Beyond “problem solved”: We’re elevating our marketing services

March 19, 2013    William Tylander

Beyond “problem solved”: We’re elevating our marketing services

Marketing in the digital age is not an afterthought; it’s an informed process including data, content, channels and strategy. This is how our integrated setup puts us in a great position not only to build digital solutions but to bring them forth to the digital market with insight-driven results. Most of our “launch” blog posts […]


October 29, 2012    Mark Jensen

Why We’re Excited About Windows 8

Microsoft’s newest version of their ubiquitous operating system, Windows, is finally being released. At Spoiled Milk, we have followed the development phase with great interest, we’ve collaborated with Microsoft to introduce it locally and it’s safe to say we’re excited about the next chapter in what is undoubtedly the PC era’s biggest success.


October 23, 2012    William Tylander

The Future Is Connected

You wake up to a ring tone, make plans with friends, work out with an app, find recipes and create shopping lists while recording your favorite show. The distinction of where our digital lives end, and our analog lives begin, is being blurred by an increasing network of applications, platforms and devices. This sets new demands to brand relevance.


February 29, 2012    Mark Jensen

Why All Designs Are Compensations For Not Having Telepathy and Teleportation

Every other Wednesday, we at Spoiled Milk have a group meeting that ends with one of us doing a presentation on the subject we work with, or are just curious about in general.


October 13, 2011    Jamie Appleseed

A Constantly Evolving Mosaic of Skills and Interests

Spoiled Milk has been growing rapidly, and with offices in 3 different countries, it was getting difficult to simply have a mental overview of the skills and interests of everyone in the team.