April 2, 2012    Frederik Cordes

SXSW Highlights #5: We’re Excited – How To Be Happy Cyborgs

Making it all meaningful was also a key message throughout. And what better way to add meaning to your life than doing something good along the way. Tim O’Reilly spoke about how the venture model has gotten distorted: “We need to find more businesses that have aims to change the world – not just make money”.


March 30, 2012    Frederik Cordes

SXSW Highlights #4: We’re Human – How To Automate and Remove Boundaries

Awarded by Fast Company as one of the most influential women in technology, Amber Case filled the largest room plus a few rooms set up for simulcasting. As far as she’s concerned, humans have become cyborgs, “smartphones are the new cigarettes”, and now we need to become good at it.


March 29, 2012    Frederik Cordes

SXSW Highlights #3: We’re Wrong – How To Fail Intelligently

In the talks relating to entrepreneurship, the running theme was the fact that we’re sometimes wrong and need to stay alert for changing course.


March 28, 2012    Frederik Cordes

SXSW Highlights #2: We’re Emotional – How To Enact the Soft Layer

Chip Conley spoke about emotional equations – based on his book “Peak” about how companies can get their “mojo” from Maslow learnings. With a background in building highly successful boutique hotels that allow for “identity refreshments”, he addressed the topic of how to “unpack what’s inside of us”.


March 27, 2012    Frederik Cordes

SXSW Highlights #1: We’re Local – How To Add Value in the Real World

I had the pleasure of attending SXSW Interactive 2012 earlier this month and what a spectacular digital showdown it was.