December 13, 2013    Dusko Ojdanic

Widget Jacking

The Internet has touched all aspects of our lives. Often we take it for granted, noticing only when our connection to the web fails. Rarely do we consider how the web works or the inherent risks which browsing also carries. Background: Social widgets Social networks (SocNets for short) provide different kinds of widgets available for […]


October 31, 2013    Zoran Perin

Responsive grid system with fixed gap

How many times did you have to deal with columns? And how often did you need layout that would be responsive? Pretty darn often, I bet. Fluid (responsive, adaptive) layout is today a default requirement when developing a website and, whether we want it or not, we somehow re-orient our thinking towards a tablet-like approach […]


October 21, 2013    Zoran Perin

Sticky Sidebar

A few days ago, we were stuck with a seemingly simple client request: Convert an ordinary (read: boring) sidebar into a “sticky” one. After a few failed attempts and initial ideas, we discovered that we were dealing with more than just a stubborn old sidebar that had to be fixed in position to do the […]


October 3, 2013    Milan Golubovic

Taming the Twitter API v1.1

Some time ago, after Twitter introduced the new version of its API, things has been changed around significantly. From now on even for some “simple” actions we can not use our favorite REST API anymore, but must stream data in real time, authenticate with OAuth and do similar scary things that any common PHP developer […]


June 26, 2013    Aleksandar Jakovljevic

How to have Drupal contextual links with views_embed_view

Our Web Manager, Aleksandar, relaunches the technical discussion on our blog and brings an insider tip to all the Drupal aficianados out there.