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   Frederikke Kamper

Exploding Impressions

When I was choosing a company for my internship, my intention was to gain some knowledge and experience, and to feel like “being an employee”, to come into an office and have a real working day. Being part of the great Spoiled Milk team absolutely was that kind of journey!

During the last 2 months, I have been Creative Intern with Spoiled Milk and I have participated in the daily work and gained insight into the output of qualified designers and developers. I have been working in all stages of the design process, learned to design based on client requirements, and furthermore I have learned to use my knowledge in practice! I had a chance to test my knowledge in real situations and to face real and practical problems, which are daily routine of Spoiled Milk people.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Spoiled Milk for their guidance and supervision the past 2 months. The experience was more than I could have expected. They allowed me the freedom to design and develop projects within the company, as a member of the team. Being intern in Spoiled Milk helped me use the knowledge I’ve acquired over the past two years as a student at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. They have been able to challenge both my strengths and weaknesses! The team shared their expertise and knowledge within the field. Through the sharing I felt I was able to learn and grow the most in developing my skills. They were most responsive to my requests and always made me feel like a full-time member of the team.

Moreover, I have learned to commit myself in a multicultural environment with the most caring and helpful professionals!

Thanks TEAM for being the BEST team and thank you all guys for making my internship here become the greatest experience.

If I should write up all my reflections and impressions, the post would never end! BUT I can fully recommend an internship at Spoiled Milk! AND if you want to know more about my experiences as intern, please feel free to ask!

I feel sad leaving the Spoiled Milk team, but a wise man told me once that a cube has 6 sides.

  1. It’s been such a pleasure to have you around and I’m very sad to see you go.
    Thanks for laughing at all my jokes and having my back against those brutes I call coworkers…

    PLEASE drop by all the time!


    Comment by Sarita

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