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   David Luisi

Launch: Memonic mobile apps

Another award in the bag following our collaboration with the ambitious guys from Memonic. Their app makes note-taking a rare pleasure.


Memonic offers an online note-taking app featuring the most sophisticated web clipper on the market. Beyond storing texts, pictures, or videos, Memonic provides editing, bookmarking, “read it later” functionality, group collaboration, and sharing information via e-mail or social media.

For businesses, Memonic brings tailor-made knowledge storing to make internal information processing more efficient and more social. In fact, a number of blue-chip companies already use Memonic for their internal information gathering.

The service was available on Windows and Mac, but of course required a presence on iOS, including iPhone and iPad, and Android.


With completed design from the Memonic team, Spoiled Milk joined forces with Memonic’s tech team to help build a couple of 1st class applications. The coding incorporated components from the Appcelerator Titanium framework.

Native mobile application frameworks, iOS and Android, were included in the platform umbrella and were synced to the Memonic web application, which at that time was based on SyncML.

We were pleased to discover that Computer Bild awarded Memonic with a “Der Goldene Computer” for “Best App of the Year 2011″ just recently.

Try the note-taking apps here!

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