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   Chris Grace

Parrot partners with Spoiled Milk to boost automotive entertainment with top-tier Android games.

After a certain point of long car trips or waiting in a queue, in-car entertainment systems swing into action to keep you and your family amused. Our partner Parrot’s ASTEROID product range is a line of such highly modular connected in-car navigation and entertainment solutions. They are easy to control via voice, make your driving simpler, sync with your mobile phones and keep you online while you drive.

Spoiled Milk is proud to support the Parrot Rear Seat Entertainment for automotive products with a curated collection of top-tier Android games to make the time in your car more entertaining. Playing “License-plate bingo” or “Guess what I see..” in the car has become a thing of the past, today it is “Fruit Ninja” and “World of Goo”!

Here at Spoiled Milk we are continuing to optimize our Android content portfolio towards automotive and connected device use cases. We are ready to bring our Apps & Games to your preferred device platform!

Read the full case – or go visit the Parrot Blog here.

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