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   Casper Hübertz Jørgensen


We design a lot for the iPhone and tend to design every screen to ensure that the full flow of the application has been taking into consideration. I’ve been looking for a tool that could somehow make my static design screens alive and useful for our developers as well, when explaining functionalities or solutions to certain challenges in the app.

A friend of mine recommended me to take a look at this new application for Mac called ‘Prototypes’. In brief, the application makes you able to easily create a flow for your mock-ups, so when you’re showing someone your design, you can actually show the response when using specific buttons. In reality it’s fake, because it’s just static images, but the effect is very useful when presenting your design to a client or a developer.

At the moment, it’s quite minimal and simple – hopefully more features will be added to the application later on, but I do recommend that you check it out, if you’re also designing for the iPhone.

Read more at their website or you can go directly to the Mac App Store and get it.

  1. Agreed. Well worth checking out, and the modest price. I’ve been using Prototypes for a month and half, and it’s a very useful tool for making the quick & dirty device-based model of your app.
    It might be worth stating that the app is purely visual at the moment. No audio functions are supported. But I’m hoping they make an update that allows the attachment of sounds / audio files to user interactions.

    Comment by Matthew

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