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   Casper Hübertz Jørgensen

The future of the magazine?

A collaboration between The Wonderfactory and Time, Inc. has been made public on YouTube this week. The video demos how tablets can help magazines get interactive and dynamic, in ways only known from the online world. It features beautifully integrated video and image content, intelligent advertisement and games.

Could this be the future of magazines as we know them today? With the entire publishing world scrabbling to cling on, this does seem like a worthy and realistic candidate to bring magazines and newspapers forward.

But what – apart from the obvious iPhone gestures – makes tablets so different from using your laptop? Shouldn’t the publishing media be thinking about placing themselves more appropiately into the new media?

What are your thoughts on the matter?

  1. Agree. It’s a brilliantly produced piece. But instead of the tablet being the device of choice, I would conjecture that it would be ebook readers like Kindle (which doesn’t have a touchscreen yet) and the Sony Reader that would really help interactive magazines really take off. In fact, the more interactive content that’s produced and put out there, the more people will want devices on which to read them, archive them and carry them around with. So this phenomenon will be quite symbiotic and mutually beneficial. That’s my 2 öres bit for now.

    Comment by Asif Ansari

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