Better Place

Better Place envisions the world being just that: A better place. To this end, the electric car operator has embodied this charge (pun intended) by becoming the preeminent electric car operator in Denmark, blazing the trail and taking all car-faring Danes under its proverbial wings. Simple, right?

The Challenge

As it turns out, monkeying with convention causes a bit of a stir. Let’s face it: people are averse to change. So, convincing the population to make this transition proves to be the biggest challenge of all.

This is where it was our good fortune to be asked by our peers at the esteemed creative agency Hello Monday to undertake the development of the aesthetically enthralling app they provided, one that both wowed the visual senses and provided critical, to-the-point information about just how simple making the switch (again, pun intended) really is.

This app would serve to entice prospective clients to find out more about the Better Place vision and practicalities surrounding the electric car journey. But, no, it doesn’t stop there. This app would also provide active clients with on-demand services, such as up to date charge spots and battery switch locations around the country, and an intelligent sidekick named Oscar.

Our Solution

The time and energy Hello Monday invested in every detail of the concept, wireframing and design really shines. On the development-end, complex equations, responsive and realistic animations, streamlined user interface and multiple versions (dealer, showroom, client) put our stellar development team to the test. And they passed with flying colors.

This project called for a hybrid app, enabling Better Place to be present both on the web and in the App Store with a minimum of development time. A mix of HTML5 and JavaScript with CSS3 animations and transitions were used for the front-end. This was wrapped with a native iOS shell to allow the web solution to be used offline.

For Better Place to manage and edit the content, our team implemented a fully customised Symfony PHP framework for the back-end solution. No, not just piece of cake.

We also had fun customizing Google maps appearance for the battery stations / charge stands locations and also creating SVG animation for the smart Oscar navigation system.

Quite simply, the outcome is a brilliant web app. Polished animations and attention to the slightest of detail makes this project something we’re awfully proud of. Go ahead… take it for a test drive at kø or on your iPad.


  • Client: Better Place A/S
  • Media: Website, Tablet application
  • Industry: Transport
  • Market: Denmark
  • Launch year: 2012
  • In collaboration with: Hello Monday
  • Technologies: Hybrid app – iOS + PHP
  • CMS and website: Symfony
  • Project contact: Frederik Cordes