Radio has been given new life with the rise of smart devices – first smartphones and now smart TV. We provided the German radio station bigFM with an interactive TV solution that brings together their digital streams into a unified experience.

The Challenge

bigFM, Germany’s most innovative private radio station, realised early on the need for reaching their listeners across all digital channels. Thus, bigFM diversified their content creation into rich multimedia content like videos, editorial news, microblogs and social interaction.

With the recent advent of Smart TVs, the so-called Internet-enabled TV sets and set-top boxes, bigFM wanted to increase their reach through this platform too.

As a trusted partner for innovative media solutions, we were happy to support bigFM in their quest to become the first German radio station presenting their own branded TV application on the Samsung TV Appstore.

Our Solution

Our bigFM TV App for Samsung SmartTVs follows a strict and clean design that puts content first. The navigation concept is based on a user-friendly horizontal scrolling pattern allowing the viewer to quickly scan through the automatically updated news, weather, Twitter and bigTV feeds.

bigTV, the video feed of bigFM, can be viewed as a randomized playlist of bigFM’s hottest video news through the bigTV “shuffle mode”.

With our solution, radio becomes a true multimedia experience rolled out on the listeners’ Smart TV sets, unconstrained by the disadvantages of PC-based media consumption.

Surely, Social TV has arrived and the opportunities are thrilling.


  • Client: bigFM
  • Media: SmartTV
  • Industry: Consumer
  • Market: Europe
  • Launch year: 2012
  • Technologies: HTML5, Samsung App Framework
  • CMS: Spoiled Milk TV Platform
  • Project contact: Christian Richter