Caribbean Premier League

It’s rare for there to be an opportunity in sport to launch a completely new entity from scratch, but that is exactly what Spoiled Milk has been part of as the vision for the Caribbean Premier League became reality in late 2012.

The Challenge

Cricket has a fanatical following across the world, with its core audience being in India, Australia, the UK, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and of course the West Indies.

In 2003 a new format of the game was introduced, known as T20 cricket – a fast and furious version, which has met with instant success amongst cricket followers. It has also delivered significant value to multiple partners – team owners, broadcasters and sponsors alike, as global interest has grown significantly.

A similar T20 property, The Indian Premier League (IPL) is now one of the most valuable sporting properties in the World and CPL T20 was modeled on that success – however the challenge was to create an identity that married the vibrancy and passion of the Caribbean with a strong cricketing property that captured the attention of a global audience. It had to be different.

This was no small challenge and a similar venture four years previously in the Caribbean had ended in failure, so it was vital to get the launch right.

Our Solution

With a league launch date set for July 2013, time was short and we determined that this called for a phased approach to take us up to the launch date. First phase was all about positioning CPL. Upcoming phases will build towards the tournament launch, giving details of new initiatives, such as the signing of star players and the creation of teams and match details.

Carnival was displayed in a series of images that left you in no doubt about how different CPL T20 was going to be to other T20 tournaments and indeed other sporting occasions. The more corporate overview of the vision was presented in a way that still presented the Carnival spirit but showed off the quality of the event.

The final piece of the jigsaw was to give as much information about the event as possible. This had to be a simple overview that gave key information. The balance was challenging, but achieved through simple design, clever navigation, nice animations and a scalable Drupal back-end.

The results to date have been stunning with the launch in February achieving awareness that exceeded all expectations. The website is a key selling point for CPL T20 as the league continues to introduce commercial partners and has been well received by all segments of our target audience. We’ll be updating this case story, as the platform evolves.


  • Client: CPL Ltd.
  • Deliverable: Strategy, Website.
  • Industry: Sports
  • Market: Global
  • Launch year: 2013
  • Technologies: PHP
  • CMS: Drupal
  • Project contact: Frederik Cordes