DAY Birger et Mikkelsen

Day by Birger et Mikkelsen, purveyors of high-end everyday clothing and more, has collections represented in more than a thousand locations in over twenty-five countries. In the fashion and lifestyle industries, there are no second chances proffered, and Spoiled Milk was hired to realize a classy, seamless iPad app to showcase their ever-changing collections to buyers.

The Challenge

Inspired by founder Keld Mikkelsen’s vision to “…celebrate a brand based on beautiful designs…” we knew our app must need reflect the simplicity and beauty for which the brand is renowned, from the very first impression. The purpose of the solution would be to ease the selling and wholesale buying experience; creating a continuously updated, searchable, visually appealing catalogue that offers buyers a DAY brand experience during a practical buying situation.

How does one take a tactile, emotive experience such as perusing clothing at a high street showroom and meld it to the digital realm without losing this critical facet of the experience?

Indeed, this app would need to be user friendly for both sales associates and buyers, while also maintaining a high degree of flexibility given the need to update features and content according to the changing seasons. It required beautiful, timeless concept and design from our colleagues at e-Types and innovative development from the Spoiled Milk team with a particular attention to detail.

Our Solution

The Day app is basic, yet refined; thus mirroring the brand itself. Our team worked through multiple challenges to devise the app just this way – it seems so simple to the users because we worked tirelessly to fold the complexity neatly away.

Technically speaking, we provided Day with a hybrid solution; building everything with which you see and interact in web (HTML/CSS/AJAX) and placing on top a native iOS wrapper (Objective-C) to support offline caching – tremendously useful in keeping presentations and sales meetings running smoothly when faced with an unexpected connection problem.

We employed a selection of the most cutting edge HTML5 techniques to achieve the desired effects in the front-end, and crafted a tailored CMS to accommodate the utmost in flexibility for content editors.

By focusing on the back-end details, our clients ended up with an app that embodied the flexibility necessary for seasonal transitions and an app that can grow and evolve according to fleeting industry whims.


  • Client: Day Birger et Mikkelsen A/S
  • Media: Tablet application
  • Industry: Retail
  • Market: Denmark
  • Launch year: 2012
  • Collaboration with: e-Types
  • Technologies: Hybrid app – iOS
  • CMS: PHP
  • Project contact: Frederik Cordes