Ever experienced noticing an unusually striking colour and wishing you could store the colour somewhere in your brain for later usage? The Flügger Farveguide iPhone app solves the problem.

The Challenge

Some companies move to the mobile device platforms out of neccessity to serve their existing customers in new ways; some companies try it out as a marketing add-on to bring attention to their core businesses. The Flügger Farveguide (colour guide) is the latter: A marketing gimmick intended to stir up some positive PR about a traditional paint company.

With more than 500 shops spread throughout Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Iceland and China, Flügger is a heayweight paint corporation that prides itself at being the favourite choice for professional painters.

When Flügger got in touch with Spoiled Milk, the specs were clear: Combine the opportunities of the revolutionary iPhone device with the Flügger colour codes to branch an entertaining iPhone application.

Our Solution

In collaboration with Hello Monday, who produced the design screens, we came up with the concept of being able to either take a picture with your phone or use an image from your photo library, from which the user could track, store and share specific colours. Additionally, the user could browse through Flügger’s rich colour swipes to uncover styles independently.

Of course, the colours discovered using the iPhone application have a direct reference to the colour codes of Flügger. When having favourited a number of colours, the user can even locate the nearest Flügger store using the application and then visit a store to order the exact colour.

And that’s it. An example of a mobile application that adds some extra spice to a well-positioned business and potentially draws attention from new target groups.


  • Client: Flügger A/S
  • Media: Mobile applications
  • Industry: Consumer
  • Market: Global
  • Launch year: 2010
  • Collaboration: Hello Monday
  • Technologies: iOS
  • Awards: Creative Circle Awards 2011, FWA Award
  • Project contact: Frederik Cordes