Melanie Winiger

A special website for a special woman

The Challenge

Melanie Winiger is a big number in the entertainment industry. She has developed and changed herself in a multifarious career in the Swiss and some stopovers in the USA. And she always has her finger on the pulse of the time.

The website of Melanie was not as modern as herself anymore and needed a complete refreshment. We loved to do this task with a sense for her strong personality, spirit and our best technology in the background.

Our Solution

Since Melanie Winiger is direct and tanned, Spoiled Milk has developed a new website with personal touches, straight clarity and fresh, deep colors. In the background WordPress makes content actualization an easy and playful task.

The Swiss actress is securely moving on the parquet in the cinema, on TV, on show-stages or with her own collection in the fashion industry. The website in responsive design and qualitative programming moves and shines with her on all devices, as well.


  • Client:¬†Melanie Winiger LLC
  • Media: Responsive Website
  • Industry: Culture
  • Market: CH
  • Launch Year: 2014
  • Project contact:¬†Christian Richter