Radikale Venstre

New website and communications platform for the Danish political party, built with custom Drupal CMS to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The Challenge

The Danish social-liberal Party (‘Radikale’) put a call out for a brand new digital platform, with new structure and new visual design. They wanted to be able to communicate more clearly, to be better at creating relationships with their existing and new voters and to be able to accommodate a shifting political landscape and quickly bring focus to current debates.

Radikale wanted to get a state of the art digital platform which could provide them with both a public facing website and an internal forum platform for active members of the political party. Furthermore, this project contained the challenge of integrating this new two-part digital platform with their newly developed membership database system built in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
The combination of integrations and various user demands would present a challenge which would give most PHP developers sweaty palms and not just a few sleepless nights.

Our Solution

Radikale has a strong visual identity but wanted it brought more into the digital world. So using the party’s existing color palette, Spoiled Milk worked on introducing a user experience and a visual design which was contemporary and optimized to work well on all browsers and devices.

We went for a clean design utilizing a flat UI to get focus on what’s most important: the political content.

To accommodate the need for shifting political foci we have set up a multi site platform, which will allow Radikale to create subsites as needed, if a certain political topic requires a special focus.

Spoiled Milk chose Drupal to be CMS for Radikale’s new digital platform and did a very comprehensive integration with the party’s membership database system, provided by Netcompany. By writing a massive amount of custom webservice calls using SOAP we have managed to create a seamless integration between CMS and membership database system, which means that information only needs to updated once.


Client: Radikale Venstre

Media: Website and member forum

Industry: Public / NGO

Market: Denmark

Launch year: 2014

Technologies: PHP

CMS: Drupal

Project contact: Anders Fredsø