Radikale Venstre

Denmark will see a much anticipated election in less than 100 days. Spoiled Milk equipped the social-liberal party ‘Radikale’ with a web platform tailor-built for advancing their position in the parliament.

The Challenge

The Danish Social-Liberal Party (‘Radikale’) decided to have a dedicated election campaign website for the upcoming vote this Fall in order to steer political themes around current debates, present candidates and bring attention to their journey around Denmark.

Quite a few requirements have to be considered while planning and conceptualising an election campaign website: Target group, visual identity, core messages, content management flexibility, mobile accessibility, candidate profiles, etc.

The balancing act is maintaining a clean, simple, comprehensible approach while coming across with all the political content the party has to offer.

Our Solution

While incorporating the color palette of the party, Spoiled Milk settled for a headline carousel on the frontpage to allow the party to prioritise hot topics during the three weeks of political in-fight. Additionally, all content sections of the website have a feature box on the frontpage to allow for quick navigation.

Each section is framed to fit the content and the purpose – whether it’s presenting the core politics, browsing candidates, investigating the schedule for the Denmark tour, becoming a member of the party or reading up on latest news.

With the explosive growth of smartphones, we provided the website with a mobile version (last time we checked, ‘Radikale’ is the only political party in Denmark with mobile-optimized access), so you can check up on the party’s politics while in the voting booth.


  • Client: Radikale Venstre
  • Media: Campaign website
  • Industry: Public / NGO
  • Market: Denmark
  • Launch year: 2011
  • Technologies: PHP
  • CMS: WordPress
  • Project contact: Frederik Cordes