Rejseplanen Windows 8

Clarity, content, speed. Our contribution to Windows 8 with the Rejseplanen application seeks to solve the “A to B” need of the user, while adhering to the new demand for relevance.

The Challenge

Being the largest travel planner service in Denmark demands that you stay available to users on multiple platforms and follow their developing needs. That’s why Rejseplanen went ahead with the decision to develop an application for the new Windows 8 experience.

We’re daily users of the travel service ourselves and were enthusiastic about the task to combine it with Microsoft’s emerging new user interface. This project posed the chance for us to dive further into this new paradigm and gain a deep understanding of its philosophy.

Microsoft Windows 8 features an entirely new set of design principles for applications, which on the one hand challenges developers and users, and on the other hand simplifies the experience of interacting with the hardware. Our focus was on making the Rejseplanen service simple and easy to use – a challenge we happily took on.

Our Solution

Our solution relies heavily on Windows 8’s user interface and closely follows the development principles. We spent a good amount of time thinking how to present the search options and results within the app.

Besides the basic functionality that users are familiar with from the general Rejseplanen service, we’ve adapted history in the search results and also presented the proposed travel details swiftly while preserving the option to explore the details of each trip even further.

The user can even use the Snap View option to keep the search window open while browsing websites, the calendar or email client – and last but not least, using the Search Charm, the common search element in Windows 8, gives the user the option to find the next departures from any given station or bus stop.

This is the first version and we’re hoping to continue developing the application further with additional features in the future.


  • Client: Rejseplanen A/S
  • Media: Desktop/tablet application
  • Industry: Transport
  • Market: Denmark
  • Launch year: 2012
  • Technologies: Windows 8
  • Project contact: Frederik Cordes