Relaunch Tele M1 – AZ Medien

Tele M1 was the first to re-launch: a big step for Tele M1 and a big step for AZ Medien and the rest will follow…

The Challenge

In spring 2014, Spoiled Milk developed the website for the new channel TV24, one of the TV stations of AZ Medien and younger brother channel of Tele M1. AZ Medien is the leading media company in the region of Northwest Switzerland and has a variety of regional and national TV channels in its portfolio, which needed a total refresh on frontend and backend sites.

Spoiled Milk was the first choice to accompany the on-going process of updating the assets of AZ Medien and we were really proud to earn this trust in our work, which we proved before when creating TV24.

The challenge was to develop a well designed new website with an efficient backend offering multiple interfaces to other systems. At the same time, all different needs of the departments and employees of AZ Medien who are involved in the creation of content on the TV websites had to be taken into consideration.

Our Solution

At first, we focused in depth on the conception phase. A workshop was held and included all different perspectives of AZ Medien staff to create the best fitting solution. Then, we set up an agile developing process to reinsure every goal and adapt them if necessary.

The new backend we built as a complete individual solution, customized and with a complex interface to the video on demand platform Kaltura. The big advantage is that AZ Medien received a comprehensive and extremely handy CMS for all its TV websites. One system for several platforms – the dream of the editorial department came true.

Another important aspect was the performance. To guarantee here the best results, we chose the cloud-based platform Heroku to provide excellent performance on every scale with virtual servers.

To conclude, the new website is not only a candy for the eyes, but also a beloved playground in the backend.



  • Client: AZ Medien AG
  • Media: Responsive Website
  • Industry: Media and Publishing
  • Market: Switzerland
  • Launch year: 2014
  • Project contact: Ortrun Trog