The magic of discovering new and old music in a random and chaotic way. That’s what Revinyl is about. This innovative music quiz reconnects the bond between the aesthetics of the album cover and the music inside.

The Challenge

The story about Revinyl is a long tale of dreams, ambitions and persistence. The idea originally laid out was to form a unique music quiz incorporating sound and video bits, filtering by category, pulling in visual material, etc.

Light years later, the project landed on Spoiled Milk’s desk as the opportunity to revive the quiz with something fresh and powerful. A new logo, new universe and new tag line: Put play back into music.

Next up, the client wanted to enter Apple’s App Store, where all payment administration was prepared in advance and the user population was impressively high – and growing. Associated with this store was also the hardware offerings – most notably iPhone and iPad.

The challenge was to sketch and develop an interesting and entertaining game that could put play back into music and allow people to rediscover their own music collection – or that of their friends.

Our Solution

Following a tender trail of understanding each other and nailing the core idea, we settled out to specify the quiz, idea, game structure and flow.

The game contains the one-player Rediscover mode with 5 levels, during which the difficulty increases. Additionally, we added a two-to-four player Party mode for challenging your friends on their music knowledge. You can also choose to save songs to your playlist and tell the world about your highscore.

This is also the first Universal iOS app produced by Spoiled Milk – meaning this can be enjoyed fully on both iPhone and iPad.

The future is bright for Revinyl. Next up, we’re working to hook up the quiz to a very famous online store, so quizzes no longer will be limited to your local archive. And many other wild ideas are queued up on the sketchboard.


  • Client: Fapps
  • Media: Mobile game application
  • Industry: Consumer
  • Market: Global
  • Launch year: 2010
  • Technologies: iOS
  • Project contact: William Tylander