In fall 2013, the brand new Swiss TV station S1 started broadcasting. S1TV offers its audience high-class German-language formats highlighted with Swiss contents.

The Challenge

Being „on air“ only for a few weeks, S1TV also started its appearance „on line“ – found at  www.s1tv.ch. Surely a clear and neat website is every companies priority – but not everyone is able to pull that off optimally. Especially TV stations tend to overload their website with content. Meant to be informative, this often makes the viewer feel like attending an oriental bazar – colourful, but overloaded and slight confusing.

Our Solution

In close cooperation with S1, Spoiled Milk helped the Swiss TV station maintaining a deliberately plain appearance – simple design and only few menu items without neglecting the content. This approach also optimizes mobile usage of the site. As responsive design is a topic Spoiled Milk placed value on – the website automatically adjusts to mobile devices and chooses the optimal graphical presentation for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or Android tablet.


  • Client: S1TV AG
  • Media: Website
  • Industry: Media
  • Market: CH
  • Launch Year: 2013
  • Project contactChristian Richter