In the year 2009, would it really be possible to make people happy, while lowering their electricity consumption. This was the main playing challenge we set up for the Stromzukunft game.

The Challenge

The number of electrical devices in Western homes is increasing and although these devices are becoming more efficient, the overall electrical consumption is rising and the level of CO2 exhaustion is similarly keeping the pace.

Now, this is bad news. Let us introduce the project initiator.

The VSE (Verband Schweizerischer Elektrizitätsunternehmen) works as the umbrella organization for Swiss electricity companies. It advocates for a solid base for the electricity industry to leverage reliable power supply, informs the public about issues in the electricity industry, and provides members with numerous services.

They launched Stromzukunft (translates to ‘Future of Electricity’) to increase the general awareness and knowledge level of the entire population when it comes to consumption of electricity. Eventually, this should have a positive impact on the challenges facing private energy consumption.

Our Solution

In collaboration with Prime (communication agency), Liip (web development) and Ala (front-end design), Spoiled Milk was brought in to develop the Stromzukunft game – an interactive gaming experience, in which the user for a limited amount of time is requested to administer the electrical consumption in an entire house.

Three parameters determine your success: The happiness of the residents, the exhaustion of CO2 and the consumption of electricity. Success has to be reached given only a limited budget of 125’000.

Charming, simple and iconic graphics frame the fun gaming experience, which was developed in AS3 and mxml with Flex 3.