Brought up in the glow of the social, information age, we use technology and design trends to help businesses take charge of their media.

What We're Great At


Consultancy and execution to create meaningful best-in-class experiences that fit seamlessly into the brand universe.

  • Concepts & Prototypes
  • Information Architecture
  • Wire framing, Personas, Flowcharts
  • User Interface Design
  • Application Development


We provide a strong and versatile cloud platform to make multichannel digital commerce solutions happen.

  • White Label Digital Media Stores
  • App Stores
  • Content Management & Service Integration
  • Developer Portals
  • Analytics & Recommendation
  • Payment & Billing


Benefit from our vast content licensing experience. Our international content team helps you to build your own custom catalogue, including categorization and tagging.

  • Apps, Games & Books
  • Content Curation & QA
  • Kid-friendly Content (Age rated)
  • Reporting & Settlement
  • Content Aggregation & Submission


Our merchandizing team, gives you everything you need to add and grow content revenue through billing, advertising and affiliate programs.

  • Subscription Services
  • Notifications & CRM
  • Virtual Currency
  • In-App Billing
  • In-App Advertising

Connected World

Users experience brands through many different media types. We master them all.

  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Smart Appliances
  • SmartTV

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How We Do It


Not everything happens according to it, but nothing happens without it.

It’s about getting to know all about you. Your brand communicates a unique value to your users. Through close collaboration, we create a roadmap from indicators on performance and benchmarks that set you apart. We look for every opportunity to make the most out of the connected world and bring the value home.


It’s derived not by your accomplishments but by your ambition.

With a keen understanding of the user’s needs, we layout a framework with an emphasis on framing excellent user experience. It’s more than just pixel perfection. We work with brands to develop a distinctive look and feel that communicates with just the right tone-of-voice the right message for the right audience.


It’s not about getting it right the first time. It’s about getting it right.

Innovation doesn’t come easy. We understand the relationship between time, quality and cost and work within these confines throughout the production process. We do it from the bottom up, in house, on time, on budget for any platform you can think of, or device you can target. Be it web, mobile, tv, refrigerators, you name it.


It doesn’t happen by chance and you have no chance if you don’t.

Engaging platforms and applications aren't just going to use themselves. To support campaigns, we understand the rules of engagement. We measure up your audience by studying traffic patterns and social trends and take action to optimize your search results and make the end result come alive.